Some more advanced GraphQL concepts with HotChocolate - Part 1

Beginning today, we initiate a journey through a series of articles dedicated to exploring advanced concepts in GraphQL. Our objective is to delve further than our previous endeavors, examining queries, mutations, resolvers, and associated notions to foster a profound comprehension of the fundamental frameworks. In illustrating our scenarios, we will leverage HotChocolate.

In a preceding series of articles, we extensively explored the essence of GraphQL and the rationale behind its inception by Facebook in the early 2010s. Specifically, GraphQL empowers us to precisely retrieve the desired data, neither more nor less, while circumventing the need for numerous endpoints. For a comprehensive elucidation, please refer here: Building GraphQL API with HotChocolate

While we briefly demonstrated an example utilizing HotChocolate and a JavaScript client, showcasing GraphQL's capability to deliver only the requested payload, we did not extensively explore the advanced intricacies of GraphQL. Therefore, the focus of this series is to address this gap by delving deep into the most intricate aspects of the specification. Our aim is to elucidate the most complicated facets comprehensively.

The subsequent textbooks prove useful for concluding this series.

Learning GraphQL: Declarative Data Fetching for Modern Web Apps (Porcello, Banks)

Apps and Services with .NET 8: Build practical projects with Blazor, .NET MAUI, gRPC, GraphQL, and other enterprise technologies (Price)

Without further ado and as usual, let's begin with a few prerequisites to correctly understand the underlying concepts. Continue here.